REFERRAL SCHEME Most of our client base is based on personal referrals from our existing and satisfied patients. Please email us if you wish to apply to sign up for our referral scheme. If through your personal referral, you introduce 5 new patients who attend the clinic for treatment within 3 months of your last appointment, you will be entitled to £5 off your next appointment, after they attend for their first appointment.

Terms & Conditions apply

  • New patients must state during their initial appointment they were referred by yourself. This will be recorded in their patient record card.
  • New patients must attend for their initial appointment within 3 months of your last appointment.
  • Existing patients must state at the time of making their appointment if they wish to claim and name the 5 patients they recommended.
  • If not confirmed by the Therapist at the time of the appointment, the credit claim will be marked on their file and honoured on the following appointment.
  • The Therapist's view is final in the case of any doubt.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw or modify this scheme at any time, without notice.

Please contact us to register for this scheme.