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Expanding in 2018

Posted on 17th Nov 2017

For 2018 we will be opening a new clinic in Perth!

Sue will be in attendance initially for about 2 days a week until the demand requires otherwise.   This location will be of great benefit for our existing and new patients locally in the Perth-Dundee-Forfar areas.  It will also be a bit closer for those who currently travel from as far north as Aberdeen, Inverness etc

Sue will still be available in Glasgow for about 3 days and will be supported for 2018 in Glasgow and Perth by another very experienced physiotherapist.  This physiotherapist, Sue has known since they trained together but their past experience has been to specialise in different areas.  She has been working with Sue during the past six months and being doing specific CPD to pick up the the advanced skills and techniques that Sue has been using to deliver very effective results.   

During the past few years Sue has been able to deliver very effective treatment and results.  In many cases she has been able to help and clear conditions better that solely using more traditional methods.   


We hope to invite other therapists, with additional or different skills and experience to join the practice in Perth, such as an experienced massage therapist.  We are open to receiving applications from therapists looking to roiom rent, provided they meet the style and ethics of the practice we wish to offer.

There will be some consideration to perhaps offer some private Domiciliary treatments.  This however this will be limited and only considered on a case-by-case basis.  This is because it is not the intended service they wish to provide.  It is also not the most efficient use of time for such experienced Physio's, compared to what can be achieved at the surgery with an electrical adjustible plynth.

Why Perth ?

Whilst there may be several other private Physiotherapists in Perth, it is well known that experienced private physiotherapists can all work a bit differently, depending on their interest, experience and skills.  Sue worked for about 35 years "traditionally" before discovering the advanced techniques that she now mainly uses and has since developed further into her own effective treatment style. 

Sue is more than haappy to take on difficult cases that others have failed to clear completely or where patients have been told to "Live with their pain" by their GP's.  She has had a lot of success helping such patients, many of which have been referred to her by other satisified patients who were referred by others on a results basis.

We are excited to be serving the community.  We are already regular visitors as several members of Sue's family live in the area, we got married in Perth in 2012 and we have connections with people in the community who we have met over the years through local the local church or through family connections.

More details will be released on Social Media closer to the opening date of 8th January, 2018.

Bookings are already being taken, we have a local Perth number that initially will connect to our appointments line or answering service.

We have three appointments booked for the first day so please spread the word.

Please also look out for our local social media campaign about the launch, which will kick off some time in December.  Please LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT on this and spread the word.  


Advanced Physiotherapy Services 

for the Fair City of Perth